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The Grounds Maintenance Team to the Rescue

The Grounds Maintenance Team to the Rescue

The Grounds Maintenance Team to the rescue!

The grounds maintenance team Andrew Smith, Ray Butcher and Karen Wilkinson discovered a mysterious box that had fallen from a tree.

As the team approached it became clear that it was a nesting box. At first they were not sure whether anything was in it until they could see it moving slightly, and when they got even closer they could hear cheeps!

 Inside they found three freshly hatched baby blue tits.

With no mother bird in sight they went above and beyond to make sure the baby birds were cared for. When they found out there were no animal welfare societies nearby to collect the chicks they took it upon themselves to care for them. Andrew Smith even became the hatchlings surrogate mum by feeding them worms periodically and making sure they were still well and healthy in their nest.

Luckily, Steve Billington was able to take the birds to their permanent future home where they can be cared for properly into adulthood.

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