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Talent Match in Calderdale

Talent Match in Calderdale

Are you young, unemployed and hoping to find work in West Yorkshire?

Talent Match could help you!

If you feel like you're far away from the job market, and are completely outside of the benefits, work and training system, Talent Match could help you gain the skills you need to get into work.

Talent Match is a community project for young adults aged 18 to 24 who are struggling to find jobs and have been out of education, employment and training for 12 months or more.

Join Talent Match and you will receive intensive support and coaching from a key worker for 12 months on a flexible and responsive pathway.

Helping young people to get closer to work, Talent Match offers:

  • 1:1 mentoring support
  • Group activities focused on improving social awareness, emotional and personal development
  • Links to external support networks and agencies
  • Activities to encourage self reflection and critical thinking to develop employment related skills such as CV building and cover letters
  • Access to a bursary for bespoke training and work related resources
  • Exclusive access to work experience and job creation opportunities
  • Access to online mental health support through Making Your Mind Up (MYMUP)
  • A peer to peer support network and social calendar led by the Youth Association

To be eligible for Talent Match you must be aged 18 to 24, a West Yorkshire resident and have been unemployed for 12 months. If you have experienced short periods of employment (up to six weeks) you may still be eligible for the programme.

For more information and to apply today you can contact Samantha Harrison on 07860 952814 or Stephen Bedeau on 07793 618769, or email


Here's what Talent Match Young People and Key Workers are doing:

Young People

TL Photo Tom: Talent Match has really helped me. They sat me down and talked to me one to one, really getting to know me and find out what path I want to take in the working world. While I've been on Talent Match, I've overcome many barriers with their help that have stopped me finding work in the pat. With the program, I have rebuilt my confidence and self-esteem whilst getting over my personal problems. Staff are easy to talk to and made me feel equal unlike other organisations. I'm glad I went on Talent Match as I now feel like my old self and have hope for the future" 
BF Photo Brooke: Hello my name is Brooke. This is me in my work clothes! Talent Match helped me get re-housed and helped me with my finances. Now that I am in work they are still supporting me, which is great. Thanks for all of your help!  
JR Photo Jade: Hi, my name is Jade. I have been with Talent Match for a year now, and with their support I was successful in getting a traineeship at a nursery. Hopefully, this will lead to a level three apprenticeship. Talent Match have helped me to reach my goal. 

 Key Workers

Stephen Bedeau: Talent Match is amazing because it lets me help people at a pace which suits them, and in a way which allows them to feel comfortable whilst doing it. This is a role full of job satisfaction and I use my passion to help my clients get the best results for themselves.

Sam Harrison: As a key worker on Talent Match, I get the opportunity to help young adults achieve their goals and dreams. The flexibility of the programme allows us to offer an individualised package of help and support across all areas of their lives and at a pace that suits our clients. We help them develop their confidence and resilience to tackle the challenges and barriers that have prevented them seeking and finding employment in the past. It's a great programme and I feel a great sense of pride and job satisfaction when my clients achieve their goals.

You can keep up to date with Talent Match by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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