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Stay safe in your kitchen

Stay safe in your kitchen

Kitchens are at the heart of many homes. It’s the place where you can stick the kettle on and start your family meal. When we are cooking every day it can be hard to remember how important it is to stay safe, but most house fires start in the kitchen. Here are some simple ways to stay safe!

  • Don’t leave your cooking on – Sometimes our lives are busy and hectic. If you start cooking and remember you need to be doing something else, or are feeling tired, you should take pans off the heat or turn the heat down. This lowers the chances of you burning your dinner, or worse, starting a fire.
  • Keep your oven clean – It doesn’t have to be so clean that you can see your face in it, but you should try to keep all parts of your oven clean. A build up of fat and grease can catch fire.
  • Be careful what you put in the microwave – Don’t put anything metal in the microwave, the heat of the microwave can cause metals to heat up and catch fire. This includes items like tin foil, travel mugs and cutlery.
  • Keep your hobs clear – Make sure to keep the areas around your hob clear of loose clothing, oven gloves and tea towels as they could catch fire.
  • Check your cooker – There’s no harm in double checking that you’ve switched off your oven after cooking.
  • Do you have a deep fat fryer? – Deep fat fryers are one of the most common causes of fire in a kitchen. If you are using one you should follow all the safety instructions.
  • Your plug sockets can only take so much – Try to keep to one plug per socket especially for items that get hot, like your microwave and kettle. This stops your plug sockets from getting overloaded and catching fire.
  • Have a takeaway instead – Sometimes when you’re tired, or after a big night out, a takeaway is a safer option than trying to cook something for yourself. 

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