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Residents spirits lifted by NCS teens

Residents spirits lifted by NCS teens

Lavender Court residents’ had their spirits lifted after a group of teens participating in NCS stayed for a week-long visit.

NCS at Lavender Court 2

The NCS group spent the week organising a plan of activities for themselves and the residents to get involved. This included cake decorating (and eating), afternoon tea, a garden project to create a vegetable patch, a quiz afternoon and a dance for all to get involved.

NCS stands for National Citizen Service which is a personal and social programme that labels itself as ‘life-changing’. The programme is for teenagers aged 15 to 17 years old and aims to give them an opportunity to explore a variety of experiences to help them discover who they are and what they can do. It encourages the development of various skills like leadership, teamwork and communication as well as being a great thing for young people to put on their CV.

NCS At Lavender Court 1

Residents of the housing with care scheme enjoyed talking and interacting with the younger people as they all chatted about their life experiences. Residents also got involved with the gardening activities and helped to create a wild flower garden and vegetable patch.

Daniel Gormanly the housing with care manager for Lavender Court said:
“It was lovely to see the NCS group and residents chat about their experiences and get involved in the week full of activities. We would definitely welcome another group from NCS in the future!”

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