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Resident takes us on her lockdown journey

Resident takes us on her lockdown journey

15 weeks ago, 84 year-old tenant Ruth Rider started her lockdown journey, with an underlying health condition she decided it was best to keep herself isolated.

Like many of our elderly tenants, Ruth lives alone in her 14th floor flat, she has limited technical knowledge and gets most of her news from listening to the radio. Because of these factors Ruth didn’t expect to hear much from us with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak.

At a similar time as we started our own lockdown journey, we began the task of making 15000 welfare calls to all our residents over 65. These calls were simply to check in and make sure that if our residents did need any extra support, we could help provide that for them.

“I’ve had two calls from Together Housing over the past few months, they’ve just called to check in and make sure I’m coping ok during lockdown. I really didn’t expect them to call at all so it’s nice to know there’s people that want to make sure we ok. I can imagine it’s has a positive impact on everyone, just like it has me.”

Ruth is fortunate enough to have plenty of family members and friends around her that have offered much needed support during this time;

“My brother goes to the shops for me twice a week, and I have a few neighbours who always check if I need anything when they’re out. My children ring me lots too, so even though I am stuck in by myself, I’ve never felt lonely.”

Because of this she hasn’t had to rely on us offering more assistance, but says it was reassuring to know the support from Together Housing was there if she needed it. 

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