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New heating system is win-win

New heating system is win-win

Signing up to a new gas central heating system was win-win for one of our tenants.

Angela Simpson

Not only can Angela Simpson from Halifax look forward to a warmer home and lower bills, but she has also won a TV just for signing up to have the new system installed.

Angela is one of 400 tenants to have her outdated and costly electric storage heater replaced with gas central heating. Another 75 systems are due to be installed in the next few months.

The gas connection project, which has been running alongside our Ground Source Heat renewable energy programme, is part of our commitment to lower the cost of heating and hot water to our customers, while reducing our impact on the environment.

Tenant Liaison Officer Sheridan Boyd said: “As if a warmer home and reduced heating costs wasn’t enough of an incentive, we entered all of our tenants who signed up for the new system into a prize draw to win a TV. Angela was delighted to be picked as our random winner.” 

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