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Never miss your gas safety check

Never miss your gas safety check

Together Housing are legally required to carry out a gas safety check in your home every 12 months. This helps to keep you, your family and neighbours safe and ensures your gas appliances are working efficiently, which can lower your energy costs. It’s really important you are in for your gas safety check.

Occasionally, something happens that means you cannot be in for your appointment. If it’s an important reason, like having to go to the doctor, then please contact us to rearrange your gas check. Our Gas Team is introducing two new ways to help you to keep your appointment.

New phone reminders

As well as a letter from us with the date of your gas safety check and text message reminders, tenants in the Blackburn area might also receive a phone call reminder. If the appointment date isn’t convenient, you will be able to re-arrange it over the phone. We’re testing this new service in the Blackburn area only for the next few months.

New text service from 24th June

From the 24th June, tenants in all areas will be able to contact us by text message to re-arrange gas check appointments. If you need to change your appointment for an important reason, simply text GAS SERVICE to 66099 and one of our friendly Planners will be in-touch with you. This new text service will be available in all areas from the 24th June.

If you fail to provide access to your home for us to carry out your annual gas safety check, for example by missing your appointment or failing to give us sufficient notice that you won't be in, we will take all available steps in order for us to meet our legal obligations. This may lead to us taking appropriate formal action to gain access and to make safe by disconnecting your gas supply.

Be in for your gas safety check, or contact us to re-arrange as soon as possible.

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