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National Hate Crime Awareness Week

National Hate Crime Awareness Week

National Hate Crime Awareness Week takes place 10th - 17th October. We have produced a new animated video explaining what a hate crime is, who can be a victim and how it should be reported.

We want our neighbourhoods to be safe places for everyone. We won’t tolerate behaviour that prevents our residents from feeling secure in their home and their neighbourhood.

Hate crimes are acts of violence or hostility against people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. Anyone can be a victim of hate crime. If you’ve experienced a hate crime, you can report it to the Police or Together Housing.

By reporting hate crime, you can get the support you may need and help to make sure offenders are brought to justice. You may also prevent these incidents from happening to someone else.

You can report a hate crime to the Police (by phoning 999 if someone is in danger, or 101 in non-emergencies), or by contacting Together Housing.

Our ASB and Intervention Manager Martin Jackson said: “If you’ve been affected by hate crime, then let us help you.  We will offer you support and help you decide what to do next. Within one day of us receiving your report of hate crime, you will be contacted by our Triage Team. If you agree to a case being created, an officer will arrange a home visit, or you can request to meet at an alternative location. We will listen to you and agree what action will be taken. Don’t suffer in silence – report it 2 sort it!”

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