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Long-standing Together Housing resident in Blackburn recommends our Benefits Advisors

Long-standing Together Housing resident in Blackburn recommends our Benefits Advisors

In May, 61-year-old Doris(name changed to protect resident’s identity), had a phone call from Together Housing to check she was well during the crisis. 

Doris had been furloughed for 10 weeks from her job as a cleaner after lockdown started. She was struggling with claiming Universal Credit due to not having a computer or the internet, so Christine, one of our friendly expert benefits advisors, called her back a few days later. 

Doris, who has been a social housing resident since 1977, said: “I don’t have a computer – I don’t even know how to switch one on! And I don’t have the internet. I couldn’t go to the Jobcentre as it was closed because of lockdown. All I could do was phone the Universal Credit helpline, but I didn’t know what to say.”    

Christine was able to answer Doris’ questions and explained clearly and simply what she needed to do. 

“Universal Credit can be confusing; you need someone like Christine,” said Doris, “She was a really good help and told me what I needed to say to explain I couldn’t claim by using a computer. I followed what she said, and I get information from them on paper now, so I know where I stand. Christine also helped me to get a reduction in my Council Tax during lockdown. 

Doris recommends Christine and her colleagues to other Together Housing residents who need help with claiming benefits. “Christine is a very helpful lady,” said Doris, “we spoke about 4 or 5 times and thanks to her advice I got an increase in my Universal Credit during lockdown. She was brilliant!”   

Like many residents, Doris didn’t know Together Housing has a team of friendly, expert advisors available to provide support with benefit claims. If you are struggling to pay your rent as a result of the coronavirus crisis or whatever the cause, contact Together Housing as soon as possible. We’re here to help. 

For benefits advice, text Benefits Help to 66099 and one of our advisors will call you back. For other queries to do with paying your rent, text Rent Help to 66099. Or phone our Customer Service Centre on 0300 555 5560.   

For money advice, visit our website: 

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