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Living on the wild side

Living on the wild side

Young people from across Yorkshire were given the opportunity to boost their skills and confidence at a residential in Thirsk.

Around 30 youngsters aged 12 – 16 from Wakefield, Halifax and Hull came together at Carlton Lodge thanks to the Reachout programme.

Run by Newground Together, Reachout operates in South Kirkby, Pellon and Ings to support young people, families and communities through a number of projects.

The theme of the residential was community and the home so the participants took part in activities from team-building exercises such as raft building, bush craft and a scavenger hunt to life skills such as problem solving.


Lucy Keogh, Youth and Community Senior Project Officer, said: “The young people really enjoyed the residential. For many of them, this was their first time away from home without their parents so it was a chance to gain a bit of independence.

“Half term often signals a week of being glued to a games console, badgering mum and dad for money to go out or hanging around street corners with friends, which while usually harmless, can be intimidating and perceived as anti-social behaviour by older and vulnerable people in the community.

“The residential gives these youngsters the chance to meet like-minded people their age, get a bit of fresh air and physical exercise, experience some freedom away from their families, as well as giving their families some respite, and go home with a new skill or two.”

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