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Leaseholders’ Service Charge Balancing Statements 2019

Leaseholders’ Service Charge Balancing Statements 2019

Some of our Leaseholders will soon receive a certificate of the actual costs of the services provided compared against the budgets issued prior to the start of 2018/19.


The budgets were the basis of the charges set from April 2018 through to March 2019. Our Finance Team then compare the actual expenditure using invoices received for works and services with the budget figures issued to Leaseholders.

Our intention is that there should not be too much difference between the expected budgets and the actual costs, but sometimes there are unexpected costs that were not included in the original budgets for the year.

Leaseholders charged more than the actual cost will be credited with a refund to their account.

Leaseholders charged less than the actual cost will need to make an additional payment.

Leaseholders’ certificates will be sent by the end of September and the covering letter will explain what to do and when any additional payment has to be made.

We are working hard to improve the budgeting process to reduce the difference between expected budgets and actual costs, and also to increase the number of our customers who are sent a certificates. Next year, all our Leaseholders in Calderdale and Rossendale will be sent certified

Leaseholders who have any queries should contact our Home Ownership Team.

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