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Keep Your Block Safe

Keep Your Block Safe

We want our tenants and residents to enjoy living in their homes. If you live in a flat, please consider your neighbours and do what you can to keep everyone safe and well.

Door entry systems on blocks of flats and maisonettes are there so only genuine tenants and their visitors can get in. Please help to keep your block safe and don’t:

  • let someone you do not know into the building
  • let visitors into the building for your neighbour
  • ask your neighbours to let visitors in for you
  • wedge the door open and leave it open for any reason.

If you let strangers into the building, you will reduce the security for yourself and everyone else living in the block.

Contractors who come to do work on your block should know the procedure for accessing the building. You shouldn’t let contractors in unless they are doing work in your flat.

If contractors are repeatedly ringing your flat to enter the building, please tell our Customer Service Centre on 0300 555 5560.

 Keep communal areas clear

Please also keep communal areas clear of any obstructions. In an emergency, Fire Services would need to use stairs, landings and corridors, so it’s really important to keep these areas clear at all times.

Tenants are not allowed to store the following in any communal area:

  • rubbish
  • furniture
  • prams/push chairs
  • plants
  • doormats
  • play equipment
  • mobility scooter
  • any other personal items

Let’s work together to keep your block safe.

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