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How Newground employment advisors can help

How Newground employment advisors can help

Did you know that Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group, provides FREE employment support for our residents? For Newground employment advisors their job is all about people and giving them the support they need to achieve their goals. Below are two examples of how Newground’s employment schemes have supported people.


Henry had been out of work for a long time while he cared full-time for a family member. When Henry had decided he wanted to get back into work, he wasn’t sure where to start. That is when he was referred by the Job Centre to Jackie Berriman, a Community Employment Advisor from Ways to Work an employment scheme run by Newground Together.

Jackie and Henry worked together on what he would need to get started on his journey back into work. Jackie supported Henry in applying for online courses with a virtual college and through this Henry completed an Awareness of Health and Safety at Work course as well as a Level 2 in Food Safety.

Jackie then worked with Henry to write letters to possible employers in his local area. This secured Henry a telephone discussion with an employer about his skills and experience in March, but this was halted due to lockdown. Throughout lockdown Josh has continued to work with Jackie on improving himself with online courses and looking for work.

Recently, the local employer Henry spoke to in March got back in touch and expressed an interest in hiring him as lockdown restrictions eased. Henry was thrilled that they got back in touch and thanks to Jackie’s support he has high hopes for the future.


At the beginning of 2020 Claire, mum of three, was suffering from high anxiety and PTSD which meant she struggled to leave her home without a family member or a friend being with her. Claire really wanted to work on this and hoped to eventually get back into employment when her youngest child started school in September.

This is when Claire was referred to Ways to Work, an employment and training programme by Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group. Before lockdown, Claire had begun to work on her anxieties by meeting Jackie, an employment advisor, at the local library. This allowed Claire to meet somewhere familiar, whilst helping to build her confidence being around new people.

Once lockdown happened, Jackie and Claire kept in touch virtually and with Jackie’s support Claire completed classes to improve her mental health and help her find a career she could be interested in.

Jackie then referred Claire to Wakefield Adult Education which gave Claire the opportunity to discuss the distanced learning courses available. Jackie supported Claire through the paperwork and tests that were needed in order to apply for a course.

Claire is now feeling more positive about the future, and is looking forward to completing courses that she is interested in. Although Claire’s original aim was to work on her mental health, she will still be supported by Jackie into employment. Jackie will continue to support Claire during this process. 

For more information, you can contact the Employment and Skills People for FREE help and Advice by: 

  • In Lancashire: Call or Text 'HELP' to 07760 568747 
  • In Yorkshire: Call or Text ‘HELP’ to 07860 952356 
  • Email: 

You can also follow the employment Facebook pages:

If you would like to know more about Newground Together and how the dedicated advisors and mentors have helped others in the past you can visit: 

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