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Helping people shine

Helping people shine

For Mark Stevenson, seeing people achieve their goals and do well in their new job role is why Newground Together’s employment and training schemes are so rewarding.

Mark Stevenson

We spoke to Mark Stevenson, a Senior Employment Advisor at Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group, about why he loves working as an employment advisor after over decade in the role.

“I’ve worked in an employment support role for around 20 years now. Initially, I advised and supported potential applicants to the Royal Navy. After moving to Newground in 2009, the role of a Senior Employment Advisor became available and it gave me the chance to use all my skills to help people in the area. I really love my role and the impact it has on people I work with.”

Mark and his team support people through their journey into work, showing them what they can achieve. “The support I offer at Newground helps people through every part of their journey into work. This is from developing their CV and setting up email accounts, to support with applications and at our different job clubs throughout East Lancashire. I also find training courses for clients so they can gain new skills and qualifications which can help them into their new role.  By speaking to businesses, I find out more about job positions available and who would be perfect for them. This has helped many people I work with into new employment.”

Mark loves to see how a bit of support and guidance goes a long way. “Without doubt the best thing about my job is seeing the positive impact our work has on people we engage with and quite often, the people they live with. By finding a new job to support themselves and getting the qualifications they wanted, their new-found confidence and happiness shines. Sometimes clients will contact me years after working with me to say how well they are doing, and I always feel proud.”

Mark adds: “I also feel one of the best things about my job is the teamwork. Our employment team has the time to support people through most complex issues and help them into the role they want. We are passionate about helping people and know that our job is never 9-5. We all want to go the extra mile to see our client’s shine.”

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