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Have a happy and safe Christmas!

Have a happy and safe Christmas!

Christmas is a special time for celebration, but with all the decorations, extra food and festivities, it’s also a time to be more careful. There are many fire hazards to watch out for at this time of year. Most of the fires in tenants’ homes start in their kitchens. With all the extra cooking at Christmas, this means you need to take even more care.

Here are a few simple reminders of how to stay safe this Christmas.

Smoke alarms – This is an easy one amidst the mayhem! Make sure that all your smoke alarms are working perfectly before indulging in festivities. If it isn’t working, check the battery or contact us on 0300 555 5560.

Keep your fire doors closed – If you live in a block of flats, your front door and all communal doors are fire doors. This means they can stop fire and smoke travelling around the building for up to 30 minutes. For a fire door to keep you and your neighbours safe it needs to stay closed.

Check the lights – Double check your electrical decorations meet safety standards. Don’t let them overheat and don’t overload plug sockets. Make sure you switch off Christmas lights and any other electronics before going out or to bed.

Stub it out before you turn in – Once all the partying is over, remember to put out any candles. Take extra care if you smoke at home. Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly. You could easily fall asleep with a cigarette in your hand and accidentally start a fire.

Keep Communal areas clear – If you live in a block of flats, communal areas are spaces that everyone has access to and can be important escape routes in an emergency. Christmas can generate a lot of rubbish, but it’s still important to keep these spaces clear. Make sure you throw away all rubbish properly.

We wish all our tenants a happy – and safe – Christmas!

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