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Fly-tipping is a fire risk

Fly-tipping is a fire risk

Not only is fly-tipping (the illegal dumping of waste) against the law, it also creates a fire risk.

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Tipping a mattress, furniture or a bin bag full of rubbish in a street, garden or communal area on an estate causes a local nuisance and makes our communities look ugly. During the coronavirus lockdown, there was a huge increase in the amount of illegally dumped waste.

Waste is very costly for authorities to clear and can harm our health and the environment. Fly-tipping also creates a fire hazard.

Rubbish piled up near your home could be set alight accidentally by a thrown-away cigarette. Places that turn into rubbish tips become areas for other forms of anti-social behaviour such as graffiti and vandalism. In extreme cases, arsonists – people who cause criminal damage by setting fires – are also attracted to dumped rubbish.

The fire may start small to begin with, but it can quickly spread to fences, your neighbours’ houses and your own home. As well as the fire damaging your home, the smoke could also harm anyone inside or nearby.   

You can report fly-tipping to your local council or to us if you know it is a Together Housing home. Click here for contact information.

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