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Fire Safety - Fire Doors

Fire Safety - Fire Doors

Fire doors are an important way of keeping you and your neighbours safe in case of a fire. Your front door and other doors in a block of flats are all fire doors. This is because fire doors are surrounded by a seal which aims to keep fire and smoke at bay for up to 30 minutes.

Below is a video and some tips for how to make sure your fire doors will work in case of an emergency.

Keep them closed – For the seal surrounding the door to work the door needs to be closed. Don’t leave any fire doors propped open!

Keep them clear – Never block a fire door as this could be yours and your neighbours’ quickest route for escape in an emergency.

Keep them the same – Don’t alter or remove a fire door (this includes your front door) as this could stop them working effectively in an emergency. If you notice damage or alterations made to a fire door then contact us on 0300 555 5560.

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