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Elland residents flex their green thumbs

Elland residents flex their green thumbs

Residents in Ripon House in Elland have come together to help maintain their communal areas and pass the time during lockdown.

Ripon House Residents (1)

Margot Wainwright said, “Some people are bored during lockdown and we wanted to get involved to make it look nice and cheer us up. Everyone chipped in and we have all benefitted.”

Residents, whilst maintaining social distancing, have focused on the communal garden area with pots being filled with beautiful flowers along the front of the building as well as along outdoor railings.

They also breathed new life into the communal benches after cleaning and repainting them.  They cut the grass, neatened the borders and made sure no weeds were coming through. As well as this they raked and collected any fallen leaves and have plenty of black bags to prove it.

A daily cleaning schedule has also been kept to in order to help maintain the communal areas such as corridors and door handles.

Ripon House Residents Flowers (1)

Margot added, “All the residents and some passers-by have complimented the flowers at the front. These are our homes and we want to look after them so they can be appreciated by everyone.”

We wanted to take a moment to thank all residents who are maintaining communal areas by keeping them clean and tidy as well as cutting the grass during this time.

Many staff members who have continued to work during the lockdown have noticed grass being cut and maintained. This has really been appreciated and hasn’t gone unnoticed. We would like to thank residents again for their hard work, patience and understanding during this difficult time.

If you have been flexing your green thumbs as well during lockdown have you considered entering our gardening competition? It includes a range of categories to enter and you can find out more about it here

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