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Don’t Step on a Bee Day 2020

Don’t Step on a Bee Day 2020

Friday 10th July is Don’t Step on a Bee Day. This is a national awareness day that aims to raise awareness about what we can do to help the bee population.


Newground Together, part of Together Housing Group, has an environmental education base located in the heart of Townley Park, Burnley. This unique site has an organic vegetable garden, a wildlife pond and a beekeeping area.

Bees do a lot for us, for example they create honey and beeswax. They are also important for pollinating plants and keeping outdoor spaces healthy.

Over the past few years the number of bees has been decreasing and this can be for many reasons, such as changes in weather and the amount of plants. There are small things that could be added to your garden that can help keep our buzzy friends around.

Below are some facts about bees and the plants they like:

  • Did you know that bees see colours differently to us? Bees find it easier to see brighter colours like blue, yellow, white and purple. This means they are more likely to visit plants of these colours.
  • Lavender is a good plant to have in your garden if you want to attract bees. This is because they are easy for bees to see and provide both pollen and nectar for them.
  • Bluebells are also a popular plant for bees. The nectar bluebells provide is also popular with butterflies as well!
  • Plant a variety of plants! From shrubs to flowers, all plants big and small help bees. This is because plants provide nectar and pollen at different times of the year. Having a variety of plants means that bees have access to nectar and pollen throughout the seasons.
  • To help bees you can avoid using pesticides as pesticides are toxic to bees. Instead you could use nontoxic ways of dealing with pests like traps or handpicking.

If you have been flexing your green thumbs this summer, why not get involved in our Gardening Competition? There are plenty of categories to enter and they are open to people of all abilities, with a chance to win Love2Shop vouchers! The closing date is Friday 31st July 2020. For more information about the competition click here

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