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Dedicated to Home Improvements

Dedicated to Home Improvements

The coronavirus crisis has forced businesses across the country to stop or change the way they work. Despite the crisis, we still plan to invest £36million in home improvements for our residents in 2020/21.


We have continued to do essential safety checks such as fire, gas and electrical checks throughout the crisis. Our priority is for you to be safe in your home. The Regulator has required us to do this essential work and we are grateful to residents for allowing entry to their homes when necessary. Our staff have followed social distancing rules and safe working practices.

We are now restarting our home surveys to decide what new improvements are needed, but at first these surveys will only be to the outside of buildings. This is to maintain social distancing and to protect vulnerable residents. We will be looking at roofs, windows, entrances, walls, footpaths and so on to see what work is required.

No surveys inside residents’ homes will be done unless an interior survey is needed for a special reason. In that case, we will talk with residents to explain and agree how the survey will be done.

If you were due to have a new kitchen, bathroom or other internal improvement done but the work was stopped due to the crisis, we will contact you to check that you still want this work to be done. In some cases, the work might not be possible at present and will be re-arranged. If you choose not to have the work done now, don’t be concerned as you won’t miss out, the work will be moved to 2021/22.

As well as kitchens and bathrooms, our plan for improvements this year also includes installing renewable heat systems in several blocks of flats, roofing, pointing and rendering work, and upgrading fire doors. We are dedicated to investing in our residents’ homes and improving comfort and safety.

It’s been a difficult period for everyone and if you have been affected by any delays to improvement work, we apologise and thank you for your patience. We are looking forward to getting back on track.

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