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Darwen girl lands LANPAC award

Darwen girl lands LANPAC award

Katie HA Darwen girl has received a top honour for her tireless work in the community.

Katie Hargreaves received a Highly Commended at the LANPAC (Lancashire Partnership Against Crime) Awards for her work with the Reachout Centre in Darwen.

But it’s not the first time Katie’s selfless nature has been recognised, after she won a top award at the SLYNCS ceremony last year.

Katie said: “It was an honour for me to receive my LANPAC award from the High Sheriff of Lancashire. I enjoy helping the community and working to make a difference in people’s lives in Darwen.”

Susan Harrison, Senior Sustainable Communities Officer, said: “Katie does a tremendous amount of work in her local community, so to be even short-listed for this award is a fantastic achievement.

“She’s a real role model for the other youngsters who use the centre. We’re all very proud of her.”

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