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Danger of garden fires

Danger of garden fires

Many waste recycling centres are not fully open yet and not all councils have restarted garden waste collection. It may feel tempting to dispose of garden waste in your own way, such as fly tipping which is the illegal dumping of waste or by having a fire in your back garden.  

garden fires

Photos courtesy of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. 

Fires, even small ones, can quickly grow out of control. 

Since lockdown measures began, there has been a sharp increase of accidental garden fires across the UK.  

You should not attempt to burn your garden waste. The fire may start small to begin with, but it can quickly spread to fences, your neighbours’ houses and your own home. As well as the fire damaging your home, the smoke could also harm anyone inside or nearby.   

There are alternative ways to dispose of garden waste. For example, using a compost bin or holding onto your garden waste until it is safe to dispose of it correctly. A compost bin can hold garden waste and helps it break down into compost. Compost is a soil that is great for gardening and growing plants.  

For updates about nearby waste recycling centres and to check with your local council about whether they will collect garden waste, you can visit: 

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