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Clod Lane Park given new lease of life

Clod Lane Park given new lease of life

A community play area in Rossendale has been given a new lease of life thanks to Together Housing Group. Clod Lane Park, in the Haslingdon area, has received funding to transform the outdated and waterlogged play area, to an exciting new community facility.

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Local resident Carly Jones says the new park is invaluable to the local community: “I used the park with my two daughters before it received funding, but it was very dated and in wet weather the ground became sodden and unusable. We never saw anybody else at the park, it seemed like we were the only family that used it.

“Now the park is a brighter place to be with amazing new equipment. The park has become a social space now, and my daughters often see friends from school there.”

The renovation of the park has enhanced the natural environment and wildlife habitats with the existing wetland area cared for and the addition of new plants, whilst developing new accessible walkways. New toddler and play equipment has been installed as well as picnic and seating areas.

Carly says that local residents are thankful for the funding: “It is an excellent facility, as most mums and dads will agree. Whenever I ask my children what they want to do, I guarantee they will always say ‘the park’. It means we can spend more time out of the house and in the fresh air, we are very grateful for the work that has been done to our park.”

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The facility caters for immediate residents of the small estate surrounding the play area and is also used as a resource for children at the neighbouring schools. The new play equipment has been praised for enhancing the local community, and is particularly valuable to the nearby Tor View School, a Specialist Learning School for children aged 4-18 with severe learning difficulties.

Carly is proud of the park and its accessibility: “The park is situated in a large residential area and is very easily accessible by local residents, it’s ideal for parents and grandparents. But most importantly, the flat walking surface makes it accessible for wheelchair users. It’s a fantastic facility for Tor View School which is just next door. The grounds are suitable to be used in all weathers, and it means my sister who uses a wheelchair is able to visit the park with her nieces and nephews.”

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Clod Lane Park received funding from Newground Together, a part of the Together Housing Group, in partnership with Lancashire Environmental Fund, Rossendale Borough Council, Tesco and Viridor Credits, helping to transform the park into a fantastic community facility. 

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