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Blackburn man hits his bodybuilding goal

Blackburn man hits his bodybuilding goal

A plasterer from Blackburn has reached his teenage goal after becoming a British bodybuilding champion.

Daniel Mehmood, 28, who works in Together Housing’s Repair and Maintenance team, recently won the British Championship in the light heavyweight category at the 2brospro event in London. He had started bodybuilding in his teens, and once he had completed his first competition he was hooked.

Daniel said: “I actually started bodybuilding in my room at about 18. I had a bodybuilding magazine and I would copy the exercises from that. I was amazed at how bodybuilders looked and wanted to be just like them. Then when I first joined a gym the owner would run competitions. Once I had taken part in my first competition I knew I wanted to work really hard and see how far I could go.

“My first goal was to become a British Champion, but the ultimate dream is to be a professional bodybuilder.”

Before a competition Daniel follows a strict training regime in order to prepare his body. Every morning he will run for 45 minutes and on an evening, six days a week, he will train for nearly two hours. He also follows a strict diet full of protein and nutrients with all of his meals weighed down to the gram.

Now he has achieved this goal, his next steps are to continue competing for his Pro Card. This card is awarded to those who have won enough regional and national bodybuilding competitions that the judges believe they could compete at a professional level.

Daniel said: “I want to be a pro because I want to inspire and motivate others to get fit and healthy. With a professional status I would have a bigger platform to reach more people and I would be able to compete around the world!” 

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