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Big Housing Thank You Day!

Big Housing Thank You Day!

May 20th is Big Housing Thank You Day!

This campaign has been organised by a group of housing providers and supported by the National Housing Federation. Big Housing Thank You Day has been created to thank people working in the housing sector for going above and beyond their normal job role during the current crisis and continuing to provide an amazing service to residents.

We know that many members of Together Housing staff and people across the housing sector have taken on new and emergency roles almost overnight in order to meet the needs of residents during this crisis. For example, supporting local foodbanks, carrying out essential checks on residents’ homes and helping shielding residents receive the essentials they need. We wanted to take a moment to say a Big Housing Thank You!

Below is our video from our senior leaders, thanking frontline workers:

Below is a video by the organisers and supporters of Big Housing Thank You Day:

If you would like to know more about Big Housing Thank You Day you can visit:

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