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Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week is from the 20th to the 26th January. This is a national campaign run by Citizens Advice which aims to spread awareness about easy ways you could save money on your energy bills. You can find out more about the Big Energy Saving Week by clicking here.

Big Energy Saving Week

With it being cold and wet outside, winter is the time of year we see our energy bills go up the most. Here are some quick and easy tips that could save you energy and money:

  1. Saving in your kitchen: You could use a bowl for the washing up rather than a running tap, reduce your washing machine cycle to once a week, and only fill your kettle with the water you need to use. This could save you around £36 a year.
  2. Save in the bathroom: Did you know that a running tap wastes more than 6 litres of water every minute? Try to remember to turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face.
  3. Save on lighting: Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. This could save you £14 a year on your annual energy bills.
  4. Save on appliances: By turning your appliances fully off (not leaving them on standby) when you’re not using them, you could save yourself £30 a year. You should also make sure not to leave mobile phones and laptops on charge unnecessarily.
  5. Save on heating: Did you know that if you turn your main thermostat down by one degree you can save around 10% on your energy bill? But make sure your home is still warm enough during cold weather as cold homes can damage your health.

Look out for more advice and information on our website during the Big Energy Saving Week.

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