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Beware of Doorstep Scams

Beware of Doorstep Scams

Doorstep scams are when someone comes to your door with the aim of scamming you out of your money. Or a fraudster may pose as an official in order to access your home and steal money and valuables. Scammers may even try to use the current crisis to convince you to let them in or pay for fake services.

While there are many legitimate trades people and officials, it is still best to be wary when you open your door. Doorstep scammers can be pushy and persuasive which can make it easy to fall victim.

Watch out for these common doorstep scams during the current crisis:

  • Cold callers may come to your door and claim to be from a trading company that checks the air in your home. They will claim that they have sent a letter to you about how they need to enter your home and ‘check the air is fresh’ and will ‘install instruments to clean the air if not’. If you find yourself in this situation, remember to take a moment to pause and think. Never do anything you don’t want to or make a decision on the spot.
  • Doorstep scammers may also claim they are from a charity or Social Services. They will say they are responding to reports that there is no food in the home and ask to enter the house to check. You should always ask for official ID, so you know the person is who they claim they are. People on official business will always have ID, whilst scammers won’t have any.
  • Scammers are also offering to perform garden services for a certain price, but once the work is completed the price increases.
  • Fraudsters may come to your door selling items. This could be PPE or household items like mattresses. You should be wary of buying items from unofficial sources. These items may not follow consumer regulations which could make them unsafe for use.

If you believe you have encountered a scam the best thing to do is to share it. This can be through phone calls with friends and family as well as social media. Through sharing a scam you’re making people more aware and they’ll know what to avoid. You can also report a suspected scam to Action Fraud:

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