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Changes to your repairs - March 2020 update

Changes to your repairs - March 2020 update

We wrote to you in October of last year to let you know about the forthcoming changes within Property Services at Together Housing.

We currently have a partnership with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) called Northern Shared Services (NSS) that delivers the repairs services for some of our properties in Yorkshire and Humber. We are bringing these services in-house therefore from 30th March 2020 all your repairs and maintenance services will be delivered and managed by Together Housing Group.

We are making these changes to ensure that all our customers receive the same quality repairs service across the group. We can coordinate and manage all property repairs and maintenance jobs consistently and ensure that as a customer you receive the best possible service.

Some individuals that worked for WDH will start work with Together Housing on 30th March 2020 and we are recruiting to some new positions, see here for more information.

We know that there is a backlog of repairs that has been caused by the dreadful weather we have recently experienced and we are in the process of engaging with a contractor in the short term, to not only help recover the backlog, but to meet the repairs demand, whilst we are welcoming staff in to their new roles and introducing them to our systems and procedures.

The contractor we are using is Liberty.

Please continue to report your repairs through the normal channels as you always have. Please do not delay on reporting a repair, report it as soon as you are aware of it.

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