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You’ve made your Universal Credit Claim – now what?

You’ve made your Universal Credit Claim – now what?

So, you’ve completed your online Universal Credit claim. You've finished your list of To Do's and you’ve had your first meeting with your Jobcentre Work Coach, but it doesn’t stop there. So what’s next?

To stay on Universal Credit you need to maintain your online account. This means completing any tasks on your To Do list, asking questions on your journal and responding to questions posted on your journal by your Work Coach or Universal Credit service centre. You need to do this throughout the life of your Universal Credit claim.

Your Universal Credit home page is what you'll see when you log in each time. It reflects your own needs, so don’t be concerned if yours isn’t the same as your partner's (if you have one) or someone else's. It’s important you keep your Universal Credit account up to date; this includes reporting any changes to your circumstances. You can report all changes online, by either using the options available or by writing it in your journal for your Work Coach to see.

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To Do’s

A To Do is a task to complete from your work coach. When there is a To Do to complete, you’ll be notified by text or email, depending on how you asked to be contacted when you made your Universal Credit claim. This will to prompt you to log in to your Universal Credit account using the username and password that you set up when you made the Universal Credit claim. You'll then be able to complete your To Do.

Online Journal

It's important to update your online journal regularly to keep you Work Coach informed about your situation and anything you're doing to find work or prepare yourself for work. You should update your journal with every job you apply for, along with recording anything you do that aids you in getting a job, including; adapting your CV for a specific job role, completing a job application, contacting potential employers and travelling to job interviews.

This might seem overwhelming at first, but your Work Coach is there to support you while you're on Universal Credit. And remember, if you have any problems regarding your claim you can always send a direct message to your Work Coach by clicking ‘A message to my Work Coach’ from your home page.

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