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Universal Credit

Universal Credit

Do UC?Universal Credit is a new benefit for working age people (aged 16 – 65).

It combines some existing benefits and tax credits into one monthly payment, paid directly to you. This includes housing benefit, which will no longer be paid directly to your landlord, on your behalf.

You can find more information at website, which includes information on how to claim.

What’s different about Universal Credit?

-          You can claim Universal Credit if you are out of work or are working andon a low income. This means your Universal Credit carries on if you move in and out of work, as long as your income is low enough.

-          You’ll have to accept a “claimant commitment,” an agreement that you’ll complete certain tasks eg evidence you have looked for a job for 35 hours a week, every week;

-          You have to claim online;

-          It is paid in a lump sum each month into your bank, building society or credit union account;

-          It includes amounts for daily living costs and your rent.

This means you will need to pay your rent direct to us each month from your Universal Credit payment. Failure to do so could lead to eviction.

Can I claim other benefits if I am on Universal Credit? Yes, you can still claim other benefits you are eligible for. These include –

-          Council Tax Reduction to help pay your council tax. You need to claim this from your local council;

-          Child Benefit if you have children;

-          Personal Independence Payment if you are disabled or have long-term sickness.

Our Welfare Benefit Officers can advise you about Universal Credit and any other benefits

When will I be affected by Universal Credit? Universal Credit is being introduced gradually across the UK.  The web page will show you when it will come to your area.

Contact us if you make a claim for Universal Credit so we can help you make arrangements to pay your rent and provide support if you need it.

Contact our Customer Services on: 0300 555 5560

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