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Thousands of people deal with their debt every week

Thousands of people deal with their debt every week

If you’re struggling with debt, support is available. We’ve partnered with StepChange Debt Charity, who help thousands of people with their debt problems every week. We’re taking part in this year’s Debt Awareness Week. This is an annual campaign run by StepChange to spread the word about free debt advice and get people talking about money worries.

Many of us think that people get into debt because they are spending beyond their means or being irresponsible with money. Research by StepChange has found that debt problems are much more likely to come from a wide range of causes, such as redundancy, ill health and rising living costs.

As part of this year’s Debt Awareness Week, we’re encouraging you to get active when it comes to your debt worries. Whether it’s doing the Debt Workout to see if you need debt advice or relying less on credit for living expenses, there’s always a way to take action on debt.

If you're worried you may need help with your finances, give the Debt Workout tool from StepChange a try. By answering a few simple questions, it’ll be able to tell you if you might need debt advice.

For further information on debt advice text DEBT HELP to 66099 or e-mail DEBT HELP to and one of Together Housing’s friendly, expert advisors will call you.


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