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Talk to us before it's too late

Talk to us before it's too late

Steven Amos, one of our Neighbourhood Officers, explains how many evictions for non-payment of rent could have been avoided.

"As a Neighbourhood Officer, one of the most challenging and distressing parts of the job is to complete and attend evictions for non-payment of rent. It is always with a heavy heart and as a last resort that any housing professional has to proceed with an eviction.  It is never too late for a tenant to come and speak with us at Together Housing. 

IMG_-p 43f 0fAs a member of the Neighbourhoods Team, we are always here to help and provide assistance with people who are struggling.  The good news is that overall the number of evictions is going down, but sadly evictions for non-payment of rent are still happening.

One of the most distressing things for customers in this position is the impact it has on their day to day lives and their wider families.  Many times evictions could have been prevented if only the tenant had come to speak with me as their Neighbourhood Officer.   

The stress that it causes to families with children as they start to enter the homelessness route can be upsetting when there is a real possibility that it could have been prevented by only talking to us and working through options. 

As there is less accommodation around, many people who are being evicted end up being placed into hotels/temporary accommodation units many miles away. This can leave people with further problems around getting children to school and further financial problems.

We have a range of options that enable us to assist people who are struggling with their rent payments. Anyone who works for Together Housing can be approached by a customer struggling with their rent. If a tenant mentions they are struggling with rent to our repairs technicians, or any of our staff when in their home, they will always let the Neighbourhood Officer/Income staff know so contact can be made."

The message is: it is never too late to contact us if you are struggling with rent payments. Contact Together Housing now. We can help.

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