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Latest Money News

Latest Money News


Money problems hit most of us at some time or other, and they often come out of the blue. It’s important you put paying your rent at the top of your budget, so know your home is secure. Together Housing and its partners offer a range of advice from help with claiming benefits to support to get back into work. Here is our latest money news.

Working Win

Do you have a health condition and would like support to find and stay in work? Working Win is open to people registered with a GP in South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw who are out of work and looking to find a job, as well as people who are in work and struggling or off work due to sickness.

More information about Working Win is available here.

Having difficulty paying your water bill?

Sometimes people worry about being able to pay their bills. If you’re in that situation right now and have difficulty paying your water bill, don’t worry the water companies are there to help.

Contact details for the water companies are provided here.

Speak to us before it’s too late!

If you are receiving letters about rent you owe to Together Housing, speak to us as early as possible. Don’t wait for the letter about eviction. We can usually help you get your finances under control.

If you are at crisis point, read this and contact Together Housing immediately.

Over 65 and have a long term illness or disability?

If you are over 65 and have a long term illness or disability, you could be eligible for Attendance Allowance which is extra money on top of your pension.

Find out if you could be eligible here.

Are you entitled to Severe Disability Premium?

A Severe Disability Premium is an extra amount that is included in some income-related benefits to help with the cost of disability. Many people don’t know about it and miss out.

Read this to make sure you are not missing out.

Act now to safeguard your future income!

If you live with a partner and one of you has reached pension age, but the other hasn’t, the benefits rules are changing on 15th May 2019.

If you think this might affect you, read our guidance here.

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