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Credit where it's due

Credit where it's due

when justin met YvetteTenant Justin Ansell was having trouble balancing his books, but once he joined his local Credit Union everything changed.

He went to see our Local Credit Union Development worker Yvette, who works across Lancashire, and she was able to take the weight off his shoulders.

The service is funded by the Newground Together charity and is available to all tenants.

Justin used to pay his bills in person every month and found it difficult to work out what he had left each month.

But once he met Yvette, she helped him complete a budget form and once he knew how much he was paying for his bills each month she helped him to open an account with Pennine Community Credit Union.

Now his bills are paid automatically from the Credit Union account so he knows exactly how much he has left to spend each month. 

He said: “I’m so happy to have my finances sorted out. Yvette really helped me to sort my money out and she’s really helping me with support.

“I’m even saving up for a trip to Blackpool, which will be my first holiday in two years!”

The service helps customers who need a bank or credit union account to pay their bills from as well as talking about savings and budgeting. 

She can also help people with debts by helping them to set up a repayment plan with StepChange Debt Charity.

If you want to find out more about how the service can help you please contact Yvette Whitehead on 07850 511704 or e-mail


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