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Benefits, Money and Rent

Benefits, Money and Rent

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What is Help to Save?

Thomas Holmes 11/03/2019

Here's how you could receive a tax-free bonus on your savings worth up to £1,200.


Tailored support to help you back into work

Thomas Holmes 10/03/2019

If you're unemployed and looking for work but something is holding you back, we can help.

getting ready for UC

Getting ready for Universal Credit

Poppy Beharall 07/03/2019

If you claim Universal Credit there are some important things you need to know to get ready.


What is the easiest way to pay your rent?

Thomas Holmes 06/03/2019

For many tenants, paying their rent by Direct Debit is the easiest and most convenient way to pay.

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You’ve made your Universal Credit Claim – now what?

Poppy Beharall 05/03/2019

So, you’ve completed your online Universal Credit claim, but it doesn't stop there. So what's next?


How well are you managing your money?

Molly Nicholas 20/02/2019

If you’re struggling to manage your money, or would like some tips for staying financially healthy,…


Thousands of people deal with their debt every week

Thomas Holmes 08/02/2019

If you’re struggling with debt, support is available - we’ve partnered with StepChange Debt Charity.


First time renter? No problem!

Molly Nicholas 06/02/2019

Renting your first place can be a little daunting, but there's lots of ways to keep on top of your…

UC help

Are you prepared for a five week wait for Universal Credit?

Molly Nicholas 05/02/2019

If you make a Universal Credit claim, you will face a five week wait at least before your first…


Snowed under with bills after Christmas?

Molly Nicholas 04/02/2019

Christmas is a time of year where spending can get out of control. As a result, many of us are still…


Third of older people don’t claim Pension Credit

Thomas Holmes 03/02/2019

Do you receive a state pension? If so, you might be eligible for Pension Credit.


When will Universal Credit affect me?

Thomas Holmes 02/02/2019

If you're making a new claim for benefits, or are already claiming benefits and have a change in…