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Bad Weather and repairs service update


An update for residents about how we are dealing with repairs following the bad weather


Flooding Advice


Flood advice for householders.

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Don't be a Blocker!

Thomas Holmes 08/07/2019

Lurking deep beneath our feet, in sewerage systems across Lancashire, Yorkshire and all over the…

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Environmental Impact of Fatbergs

Caitlin Bastow 08/07/2019


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Us vs The Fatbergs

Caitlin Bastow 08/07/2019

It’s easy to believe that when you flush something down the toilet and it disappears from sight that…

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Don't be a Blocker - Behind the Scenes

Poppy Beharall 08/07/2019

When we were first tasked with the idea of creating a video that encouraged tenants not to flush wet…

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Do you have a tumble dryer in your home?

Caitlin Bastow 21/06/2019

There is a recall on thousands of dryers, with the Government advising that affected machines may…


Never miss your gas safety check

Thomas Holmes 12/06/2019

Together Housing are legally required to carry out a gas safety check in your home every 12 months.

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53 week year

Thomas Holmes 11/06/2019

This is a reminder that your rent is charged every Monday and in the year April 2019 to March 2020…

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Small grants for community projects

Thomas Holmes 07/06/2019

Many groups of residents are putting small grants of up to £100 from Together Housing to good use in…


Scams Awareness

Thomas Holmes 05/06/2019

June is scams awareness month. A scam is a type of fraud. A fraudster can steal your money or…

Fatberg Liverpool 10 (B) (2)

Don't be a Blocker!

Thomas Holmes 04/06/2019

Unblocking sinks and toilets costs Together Housing over £300,000 a year! This is money that could…