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If you haven’t used our app yet, give it a try. Julie, a resident in North Yorkshire, said:

“The Together Housing app is just about as spot on to use as you could want. I pay my rent by using the app on my phone. I’ve tried all the other methods from payment card to standing order, but once I tried the app, I was hooked!

It takes me seconds to use. It’s simple, straightforward and you get an email immediately with all your payment details on as a receipt, so no worries there.

The app gives you flexibility too. If money is late going into your account, you can stay in control. You just pay your rent as soon as your money is in, day or night – that simple! Plus, no bank charges.

It’s great for helping you budget and to avoid getting into financial difficulty. You don’t have to go to town to pay at a shop or even have the cost of a phone call to do it. You can use free wi-fi from anywhere and pay in seconds. How helpful is that?

I’ve paid my rent while I was in a meeting, on board a ship and even from up a mountain in Quebec! I live in semi-rural North Yorkshire in the village of Hunmanby which has awful signal but that doesn’t prevent me from using the app.

Honestly, give it a try. I’m sure you won’t look back!”

You can find out more about our app here.

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