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Nana-Essi, resident in West Yorkshire

Together Housing is setting up a new action group for residents with disabilities. Residents have told us they would like to share their experiences with us about being a resident with a disability. They would also like to work with us to improve our services.

We spoke to Nana-Essi, a resident in West Yorkshire, who is keen to join this new group. We asked her why she thinks this group will have an important role to play in improving services for all residents.

Nana-Essi said: “I believe that every human being, regardless of their abilities, limitations and beliefs has as much right as the next person to be in this world. There appears to be a kind of unwritten societal rule that robs people with disabilities of their voices. I hope Together Housing will really LISTEN TO, HEAR and UNDERSTAND the views and experiences of disabled residents.

The group is important because people have different kinds of disabilities, limitations, and inabilities. Some are visible for all to see. Others are not so visible or are unseen. It’s my hope that a variety of representation of disabilities within this group will create a clear awareness that Together Housing’s services cannot be one solution for everyone.

I believe we should encourage Together Housing to take into account each individual’s cultural, spiritual, physical and personal needs – a sort of holistic tailoring of services to suit each individual resident; as opposed to the assumption that one size suits all people with disabilities. This will hopefully breakdown the myth that all service providers know what’s best for people with disabilities.

It’s also my hope that this action group will go a long way to creating awareness of how environmental/social situations affect people with disabilities. For example, the layout of some properties can disadvantage disabled residents and harm their privacy and sense of safety.

I want the group to help individual voices to be heard. It’s a bit like voting. If you don’t vote during an election, you really cannot challenge decisions made on your behalf. Let’s all get involved to have a legitimate say in what we need.

People with disabilities are just as intelligent, just as artistic and just as talented as able-bodied or able-minded people. Hopefully, this new group will give us the voice we need.”

In the current situation, this new action group for residents with disabilities will meet online via Microsoft Teams. Residents who are carers of relatives with a disability are also welcome.

If you want to get involved and help us to make sure all residents feel as safe and happy in their home as possible, please contact our Resident Engagement Team by e-mail to:

To find out about all the ways to get involved with Together Housing, visit the Resident Engagement section of our website here (Resident Voice – Together Housing)

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