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Rani, resident in West Yorkshire

Together Housing has set up a new action group for Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents. Residents have told us they would like to share their experiences with us about being a resident from a minority ethnic community. They would also like to work with us to improve our services.

We spoke to Rani, a resident in West Yorkshire, who is keen to join this new group. We asked her why she thinks this group will have an important role to play in improving services for all residents.

Rani said: “It’s really important Together Housing listens to everyone. Setting up this group shows they are willing to hear people’s concerns, deal with community issues and give more support.

Some residents from minority communities don’t want to get involved because they think these groups aren’t for them and they won’t be welcomed. Hopefully, through this new group more people will get involved. And when Together Housing is taking decisions, it will listen to more residents’ views.

I’m the sort of person who always wants to help others and help in the community. I used to be in Neighbourhood Watch, I’ve helped people with doing the Census recently and I help people to go on websites to access services. Not being able to read or speak English is often the problem. People get their children to interpret for them, but this isn’t always a good way. People often come to me to help solve their problems.

With lockdown, a lot of people have been isolated, especially older people. I’m always getting shopping for people and checking they’re okay. It will be good if this new group can help people to talk to other people. Having a good chat often makes you feel better.”

In the current situation, this new action group is meeting online via Microsoft Teams. It’s early days for this new group and we want more residents to join, but it’s already getting things done. It has helped managers to follow-up on issues raised in a recent survey of residents from minority communities.

If you want to get involved and help us to make sure all residents feel as safe and happy in their home as possible, please contact our Resident Engagement Team by e-mail to:

To find out about all the ways to get involved with Together Housing, visit the Resident Engagement section of our website here (Resident Voice – Together Housing)

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