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Our Home Ownership Team supports our customers who have purchased a property from us. This may be through Right to Buy, or a scheme such as shared ownership or rent to buy.

The team covers a variety of roles across the Together Housing Group area, which includes Lancashire, Calderdale and Yorkshire and Humber. We spoke to the team about their role to tell you more about what they do and how they can help with any of your queries.

Michelle Freeman – Home Ownership and Commercial Services Manager

Michelle Freeman is the Manager of Home Ownership and Commercial Services for Together Housing Group. Michelle manages the home ownership team which supports leaseholders, shared owners and freeholders. Her team works across Together Housing Group which includes Lancashire, Calderdale and Yorkshire and Humber.

“The job has such variety with no two days ever being the same. I manage a fantastic team of staff who are committed to delivering the best possible service for our customers. I do thoroughly enjoy my job!”

Janet Magson – Home Ownership and Commercial Co-ordinator

As a Co-ordinator Janet Magson manages the Home Ownership and Commercial Team. In her role, Janet works very closely with other teams to make sure legal legislation and regulation is followed. Janet and her team work across the entire Together Housing area which includes Lancashire, Calderdale and Yorkshire and Humber. Her team also manages properties in Salford and in Derbyshire.

“I have worked in housing for 23 years and every single day has been different – this job could never get boring! There is always something new to learn and I love having a big team that works to support each other and our customers.”

Rhian Williams – Home Ownership Officer

Rhian Williams is a Home Ownership Officer in Calderdale.

“I am new to this role and I am enjoying it. I am constantly learning new things and enjoying broadening my knowledge and skills.”

Adrienne Leech – Home Ownership and Commercial Services Administrator

Adrienne Leech is a Home Ownership and Commercial Services Administrator. Adrienne works across the Together Housing Group which includes Calderdale, Lancashire and Yorkshire and Humber.

“I support the Home Ownership officers with their cases, make sure queries are directed to the right person and speak to customers about their questions. I enjoy being able to help customers and coming away knowing their problem has been resolved.”

Molly Gault – Home Ownership Officer

Molly Gault is a Home Ownership Officer who has a varied role which includes the management of a variety of different tenure such as Leasehold, Commercial and Shared ownership properties. Molly focuses on Blackburn, Preston and Clitheroe area.

“I have been in this role for over 4 years now and I cover various types of tenure that includes leasehold and shared ownership. I am constantly learning new things!”

Chris Bovan – Home Ownership Officer

Chris Bovan is a Home Ownership Officer and in her role she supports leaseholders, shared owners, freeholders and some rented properties in Harrogate and parts of Leeds. Chris’ role involves answering queries about leases, home improvements, service charge budgets and working with solicitors.

“No two days of my job are the same. My role covers a wide variety of queries from customers to solicitors. I enjoy communicating with all the different people my job introduces me to from contractors to customers.”

Hayley Lister – Home Ownership Officer

Hayley Lister is a Home Ownership Officer who manages a variety of homeowner, shared owner and leaseholder properties. Hayley primarily covers properties in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

“Every day is different, and I am constantly learning. Sometimes situations will come up in this role that I have never dealt with before as a lot of my role revolves around land law. I really enjoy figuring out the correct answer to these queries and finding the way forward for customers.”

Laura Gleeson – Home Ownership Officer

Laura Gleeson is a Home Ownership Officer who manages a variety of properties in Rossendale. The properties she manages includes shared ownership, leaseholders and freehold. Laura works on customer queries and service charges.

“A year ago, I moved to the Home Ownership team from the Neighbourhoods team. With the variety of properties that I manage, there is always something new to learn and I love that about my role. No day is the same and I enjoy speaking to customers and answering their queries.”

Claire Steel – Home Ownership Officer

Claire Steel is a Home Ownership Officer who manages some properties in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Her role includes working with leasehold schemes as well as shared ownership and freehold properties.

“My role is very varied. One day I could be responding to a solicitor enquiry and the next I could be working on estate visits. I also answer service charge queries and liaise with other teams to answer enquiries about leases and transfers.  Everyday there is something new to learn in this role.”

Rachael Bryenton – Home Ownership Officer

Rachael Bryenton is a Home Ownership Officer who manages a variety of properties including homeownership, shared holders, leaseholders, freeholders and rent to buy properties. In her role Rachael covers different types of properties in Salford, Colne, Rossendale and Blackburn.

“I love the variety of my role in supporting different customers from leaseholders to shared owners. There are always new things to learn in the role due to the complex nature of leases and deeds. I really enjoy talking to customers and creating good relations with them.”

Rozanne Baron - Warden for Holly Court

Rozanne Baron has been a Warden for Holly Court for 6 years. Rozanne works with residents and helps with any queries they may have.

“I enjoy meeting and chatting to the residents and helping them. It is a very rewarding role.  I have enjoyed working for Together Housing and always feel supported by colleagues.”

Judy McGowan - Warden for Sandbed Lawns

Judy McGowan is a Warden at Sandbed Lawns and has been in this role for nearly 12 years. Judy’s role involves working with residents to answer their queries and provide support.

“I have gained a lot of experience talking, listening, and giving support to the residents of Sandbed Lawns. I feel privileged when the residents share their life stories and experiences with me. I learn something new nearly every day. It can be a challenging role that brings with it some very sad and difficult times but also very enjoyable ones.”

Kevin Broadley - Warden for Holly Court

Kevin Broadley is a Warden for Holly Court in Outwood. Kevin oversees the day to day upkeep of the area and checks in on the wellbeing of the residents.

“I really enjoy my job, it is always a pleasure to go to work and meet the residents who, without exception, have a positive and cheerful approach to life.”

Hannah Armitage – Home Ownership Administrator

Hannah Armitage is a Home Ownership Administrator and in her role she provides support for the entire Home Ownership team.

“I work with both internal and external enquiries for the home ownership team and I provide help and advice. I love the challenges my role brings as every day is different and I work with a wonderful team that cares about their customers.”

Joanne Walsh – Home Ownership Officer

Joanne Walsh is a Home Ownership Officer who focuses on properties and customers in Leeds and Wakefield. Joanne supports leaseholders as well as shared owners and often works alongside other teams, such as finance, to resolve a wide range of queries.

“I like the variety of my role and the responsibility of supporting customers as well as working with other teams.”

Lorna Allison – Home Ownership Officer

Lorna Allison is a Home Ownership Officer. Her role sees her manage a variety of leasehold and freehold properties in North, South and West Yorkshire. Lorna focuses on leases, solicitor enquiries, estate visits and income recovery.

“I like my role because no one day is the same which keeps it interesting. I love speaking to people as well as helping and advising customers. There is a lot of job satisfaction in this role. Over the years it has been lovely to see first time buyers purchase their first house and turn it into a home.”

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