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We have now published our latest performance information for quarter 3 of 2020/21, which covers the period October to December 2020.

We publish information on how we are run and how we are performing regularly as part of our approach to transparency. We have committed to publishing important information in a clear and transparent way.

It is important that you can see how we are performing, so that you can hold us to account. Scrutiny by residents helps us to improve how we do things and means you can be confident we’re running our business in the right way.

The latest information includes updates on:

  • Our repairs service – you can see how many repairs are completed within target and how satisfied customers are with the service.
  • Investment in homes – you can see the current and pending contracts for the next three months.
  • Rent payments – you can see how your rent is spent and how much rent is collected compared to what is owed.
  • Compliance – you can see how we are performing at carrying out compliance obligations such as doing gas safety checks, asbestos checks and lift checks.
  • Customer services – you can see how we are performing at answering your calls quickly and how quickly we process applications for housing.

This information about how we are run and how we are performing at providing services for residents is available here.

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