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Admin fees

Your lease may allow us to recover other fees from you for costs that we incur in managing the scheme/your property in accordance with your lease.

These may be referred to as administration costs, management fees, legal fees etc within your lease.

All fees are subject to VAT which will be charged at the standard rate, currently 20%


Description Fee
Resales/Landlords Enquiries (Flats and Apartments) £180.00
Resales/Landlords Enquiries (Shared Ownership houses & Management Companies) £180.00
Resale/Landlords further enquiries £100.00
100% leaseholder remortgage enquiries £75.00
Owner occupier sale enquires (Freeholders with covenants / estate charges) £125.00
Notice of transfer £60.00
Notice of charge £60.00
Deed of covenant £75.00
Copy lease (from LR) £60.00
Copy of lease if held in our records £35.00
Insurance policy document £0.00
Standard valuation fee (basic market valuation) 175-250
Lease extension/enfranchisement legal costs circa £400
Lease extension admin fee £150.00
Additional Lease extension  fee for set up of new lease £100.00
Lease Extension Valuation Fee (Sec 42 Notice) £600.00
Lease Extension Valuation Fee (informal) £400.00
Home improvements (permission request – basic) £50.00
Home improvements (permission request – complex) £80.00
Home improvements (Survey in respect of alterations) £125.00
Home improvements (Survey and licence) £125.00
New lease plan drafting £550.00
Rent reference – Right to buy/acquire £50.00
Retrospective consent with surveyor visit £125.00
Deed of postponement £120.00
Deed of variation/rectification administration fee £250.00
Remortgaging and further advance fees £100.00
Buying more shares/staircasing SALES
Equity loan transfers, licence to assign . £100.00
Major works management fee up to 15% of contract costs
Notice to sublet £100.00
Consents (standard  i.e. pets, aerial etc) £50.00
Consents (sub letting  and agreed extension etc) £100.00
Postponing right to buy discount repayment £120.00
Credit check – Single £60.00
Credit check – Couple £90.00
Certificate of Compliance £50.00
Purchase of Freeholds  (Admin charge and consent) £150.00
Purchase of Freehold (Legal Fees) £400.00
Land sales  (Admin Fees) £150.00
Commercial Lease Renewals £500.00
Admin Fee to administer resale of Shared Ownership property £125.00
Additional fees for complex / legal resale requirements Please Contact Us
Home Owners Rent, service charge and fees Admin fees