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Admin fees

Your lease may allow us to recover other fees from you for costs that we incur in managing the scheme/your property in accordance with your lease.

These may be referred to as administration costs, management fees, legal fees etc within your lease.


Description Fee
Resales/Landlords Enquiries (Flats and Apartments) £180.00
Resales/Landlords Enquiries (Shared Ownership houses & Management Companies) £180.00
Resale/Landlords further enquiries £100.00
100% leaseholder remortgage enquiries £75.00
Owner occupier sale enquires (Freeholders with covenants / estate charges) £125.00
Notice of transfer £60.00
Notice of charge £60.00
Deed of covenant £75.00
Copy lease (from LR) £60.00
Copy of lease if held in our records £35.00
Insurance policy document £0.00
Standard valuation fee (basic market valuation) 175-250
Lease extension/enfranchisement legal costs circa £400
Lease extension admin fee £150.00
Additional Lease extension  fee for set up of new lease £100.00
Lease Extension Valuation Fee (Sec 42 Notice) £600.00
Lease Extension Valuation Fee (informal) £400.00
Home improvements (permission request – basic) £50.00
Home improvements (permission request – complex) £80.00
Home improvements (Survey in respect of alterations) £125.00
Home improvements (Survey and licence) £125.00
New lease plan drafting £550.00
Rent reference – Right to buy/acquire £50.00
Retrospective consent with surveyor visit £125.00
Deed of postponement £120.00
Deed of variation/rectification administration fee £250.00
Remortgaging and further advance fees £100.00
Buying more shares/staircasing SALES
Equity loan transfers, licence to assign . £100.00
Major works management fee up to 15% of contract costs
Notice to sublet £100.00
Consents (standard  i.e. pets, aerial etc) £50.00
Consents (sub letting  and agreed extension etc) £100.00
Postponing right to buy discount repayment £120.00
Credit check – Single £60.00
Credit check – Couple £90.00
Certificate of Compliance £50.00
Purchase of Freeholds  (Admin charge and consent) £150.00
Purchase of Freehold (Legal Fees) £400.00
Land sales  (Admin Fees) £150.00
Commercial Lease Renewals £500.00
Admin Fee to administer resale of Shared Ownership property £125.00
Additional fees for complex / legal resale requirements Please Contact Us
Home Owners Rent, service charge and fees Admin fees