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Renting FAQs

We want to make finding your home as straightforward as possible.

You can Get in Touch with us with any questions you may have about our home or the renting process. We have also listed some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers below:

How can I apply for a property with Together Housing?

At Together Housing we have properties across the North of England. Due to the different ways local authorities advertise in their area means we advertise in different ways. You can view some of our properties directly on our website and need to register with us to be able to apply. Find out how to apply for our properties in your area on our Rent from Us page.

What is a Home for All?

While we always ensure those in housing need are rehomed as a priority, there are fewer or no restrictions (e.g. local connections, bedroom need) on who can apply for a ‘Home for All’ property. It means you get more choice on which properties you apply for.

If you are in need to move and fall under our ‘reasonable preference’ categories, you will be above anyone else that does not have a housing need. We then work down the list, starting from the first person to apply for that property.

When are Homes for All advertised?

Homes for All adverts are added any day of the week, properties are advertised for a minimum of 3 days, so it’s best to check every day and apply for any properties you are interested in.

What is Choice Based Lettings?

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) is a process for applying for some of our properties. It enables you to apply for (known as ‘bidding on’) homes suitable for your housing needs. These properties usually have specific criteria, for example, suitable only for single people, families or people requiring adapted properties. There may also be restrictions where you need to already have a connection to the local area and given a ‘band’ depending on your need to move.

What is reasonable preference?

Reasonable preference is who we class as having a need to move, this includes customers who are homeless, needing to move on medical or welfare grounds, customers living in unsanitary or overcrowded housing and people who need to move to a particular area to avoid hardship to themselves or to others.

How do Together Housing decide where a property is advertised?

Due to the agreements we have with the local authorities we work in, we advertise in different ways depending where you want to move. We decide which home is advertised though our website or with the local authority by making sure we have a balance of property types been advertised by both routes. To find out how to apply for a our properties in your area click here

Can I apply for a property bigger than my needs?

Yes, you maybe able to apply for a property bigger than your needs, please check each advert carefully and if you are not eligible to apply for a property, hover over the icons to see why.

What is an unreasonable refusal?

Examples of unreasonable refusals include, but are not limited to: area unsuitable, failure to respond to an offer, repeated bids on a property type or area that an applicant has previously refused or deemed unsuitable or where the applicant states that they are not ready to move.

How do you decide who gets a Homes for All property?

The first person to bid on the property with housing need will be considered for the property. If the first person is not eligible or refuses it, we work down the list in time and date order with applicants in housing need taking priority.

How quickly will I be contacted if I’m successful?

If you are successful, we will contact you usually within 5 working days of the advert closing. You are able to check the status of your bid and your position by logging into your account and selecting ‘My bids’.

What do I do if my circumstances change?

If you have a change in your circumstances, you should log into your account and update your application. This will allow us to keep your application up to date.

What is a bid?

Placing a bid is the way that you let us know you want to be considered for a property. The timing of when you bid on a property and your circumstances will determine where you are on the list for the property.

How can I bid?

You are able to bid on properties by logging into your account via the Together Housing website. You search for the area you are interested in, and if eligible for the property click bid. You will be able to view all you active and previous bids when logged into your account.

When can I start bidding for a property?

Once we have reviewed your application, we will email you to confirm it has been processed or if we require any further information. We aim to process your application in 3 working days. Once your application has been processed you will be able to bid on properties.

Can I change what I bid for?

Yes you can, but only when the property is still being advertised. Once the adverts ends, your bid can not be withdrawn. You can find all your active bids when you log into your account and remove/change if required.

Why can’t I see all the properties?

You will not be able to see all the properties when you log into your account as you will only see the ones you are able to bid for. Each property will have some eligibility set to it, for example, there may be an age restriction allowing only customers over the age of 55 plus to apply for it. If you want to see the properties you are not eligible for, you can view these by amending your search criteria and selecting ‘ineligible properties’

Can I check where I am on a shortlist?

Yes – if you log into your account, you can view your previous bids and the position you are in.

Why has my position changed?

Your position can change if you are classed as not having a housing need but someone who does have a housing need bids for the same property. If everyone that bids for the property has a housing need, it will then be allocated to the first person to bid on the property by time and date order.

How will I know if I have been successful?

If you are successful, we will contact you usually within 5 working days of the advert closing. We will check that your circumstances are still the same as stated on your application form. If you are still eligible and qualify for the offer, we will provisionally offer you the property. We will then also do further checks to ensure you are able to sustain the tenancy and it is suitable for you. You will not be considered for any other properties until you have decided on the offer. It is important that you keep your telephone contact details up to date. If you do not respond to us or cannot make yourself available to attend a viewing, we will move on to the next customer.

What happens when I am unsuccessful?

You will not be contacted if you are unsuccessful. You will be able to view your previous bids by logging into your account and if they are still showing as open, this mean we are will working down the list of customers how have applied. If closed, this mean we have offered the property to another customer.

How do we calculate your bedroom entitlement?

Your bedroom entitlement will be determined on who is moving with you.

I’m working - can I apply?

Yes – you are welcome to apply for a home.

I own my property can I apply?

Yes you can apply for our Homes For All. When registering for Choice based lettings, there are different rules depending on the area you are wanting to move. Please check with the local authority to see if you can apply.

Do I need to have a local connection to apply?

No, to register for our Homes for All you do not need to have a local connection to the area you want to move to. This is another benefit to applying through us if wanting to move area.

If I get offered a property, how soon can I move in?

This will depend on at what stage the property you have been offered is at. We tend to advertise properties when the outgoing tenant is still living in the property, then our repairs team carry out safety checks and any works required before you are able to view and moving in. On average the process takes 4 to 5 weeks but can be much faster, or longer if repairs are  needed.

What documents will I need to provide?

We may ask for further supporting evidence at the point of offer to verify your need to move and also proof of income to ensure you are able to sustain the property. This will be dependant on your circumstances. When signing up for a property all adults must provide right to rent documents set out by government. Details of the documents required can be found on the Government website.

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