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Buying your rented home

If you are one of our assured tenants, you may have the right to buy your home under the Right to Acquire scheme or the Preserved Right to Buy scheme depending on when your tenancy started and how long you have been a tenant.

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Right to Acquire

Right to Acquire (RTA) is the discounted home purchase scheme for assured housing association tenants. The majority of Together Housing tenants will be eligible for this scheme once they have held a public sector tenancy for 3 years. The discount is fixed by the government and is currently £9000 for most of our regions. Some properties are not eligible because of their rural location, older/disabled persons housing status or funding history.

Buying your home is probably the biggest financial decision you will make so please take the time to consider whether this is the right choice for you.

Visit the Right to Acquire website

You can visit the Right to Acquire .gov website by visiting:

Download the Right to Acquire Application form

You can download the application form my visiting:

Please email completed forms to


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a joint application with other members of my family?
Yes, any member of your family who is a joint tenant can buy with you. You can also buy in joint names with up to three family members who are not tenants as long as the property is their main home and they have lived with you for 12 months before you apply to buy.
Can my children buy my home for me?
Family members can give you the money to buy your home but family members who do not live with you will not be included in the transfer documentation.
Can I apply to buy if I am on benefits?
Being on benefits does not affect your legal right to buy but you will need to make sure that you can afford your monthly repayments and take time to work out all the costs involved. You will not be eligible for housing benefit if you become a homeowner.
Can I apply to buy if I have rent arrears?
Yes you can still apply to buy but your rent account must be clear on the day of completion. However, you do not have the right to buy if the court has made a possession order.
If I apply to buy will I still get repairs to my home?

While you are in the application process, you will only be entitled to essential and emergency repairs. If your property is a house you will not be included in any major works programmes and once you complete the sale, you will be responsible for any repairs needed to your home.

If your application is withdrawn then you will be able to access the normal repairs service. If your property is a flat we will not carry out any works inside the property but we are still responsible for maintaining the exterior of the block.

How much will my home cost to buy?

Each property is valued on a market valuation basis by a qualified surveyor. The added value of any improvements you have carried out yourself will not be included in the valuation.

For an initial estimation of your property’s value, you might want to research recent sales of similar properties in your immediate area.

What can I do if I do not agree with your valuation?
You can appeal against our valuation and request a determination of value by the District Valuer. This is an independent valuation and is free of charge. The District Valuer’s decision is final.
How do I find a mortgage?
You are responsible for how you finance your purchase and we cannot advise you on this or recommend a specific mortgage or lender. It pays to do your research and look at all the costs involved. You should talk to a mortgage lender/broker or an independent financial advisor to find a mortgage that best suits your needs but always check the costs and fees.
What happens if I have purchased before?
If you have purchased under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire scheme before, the amount of discount you got then will usually be deducted from your discount when you buy again.
Can I sell my home later?

You can sell your home whenever you like but if you sell within the first five years you will have to pay back all or part of the discount you received. Any discount to be repaid will be calculated on the current resale value of your home disregarding any improvements you have carried out yourself.

All of the discount will have to be repaid in the first year after purchase. Four fifths is repayable in the second year, three fifths in the third year, two fifths in the fourth year and one fifth in the fifth year. Also you must offer us first refusal if you sell the property within 10 years.

How does Together Housing process my application

We will process your application in line with relevant legislation and our RTB/A policy, taking measures to protect the scheme from crime and misuse.

Following on from receipt of your application, we will contact you to acknowledge receipt and notify you of the anti-fraud process.

How does mutual exchange affect my RTA rights?

You will keep your own tenancy history and rights for the purpose of RTA.

However, you will only be able exercise RTA in your new home if the property is eligible, so it’s best to check this before agreeing any mutual exchange.

Preserved Right to Buy

If you signed a secure tenancy agreement under a Local Authority and have held a continuous tenancy since, you may be eligible for a separate scheme Preserved Right to Buy. Approximately 15% of Together tenants qualify for PRTB.


You can visit the Right to Buy .gov website to find out if you are eligible by visiting:

Application form

You can download the application form my visiting:–2

Please email completed forms to


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