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Over the past year, getting out and talking to residents face-to-face has been difficult, but we’ve managed to keep talking to residents in other ways. Through virtual groups and surveys, we have been able to hear what residents think in order to keep improving our services.

Overall, 11,218 residents have helped us this year through work on our local estates, by answering surveys, taking part in focus groups or by being part of our Scrutiny Group. That is a 131% increase in the number of residents consulted by our Resident Engagement Team. Below we have round up of some of the ways we’ve kept talking to each other:

Social Media: Facebook has been a great way for you to stay in touch with us. Our Resident Engagement Facebook Group has grown by 15% over the past year. All feedback given through Facebook is used to see what you think about our services.

Grace-Maria from Sheffield said, “I’ve recently been involved in giving feedback on one of Together Housing’s policies as well as signed up to the disability group. I like the opportunity for my voice to be heard as I hope my viewpoint can bring about positive change for others and make services more inclusive.”

Virtual Voice: We now have 2,349 members of our Virtual Voice group. Virtual Voice is a group of residents who we can contact via email surveys to gather views on key issues. For example, 235 Virtual Voice members helped us to draft our updated Complaints Policy which explains our process when you have a complaint.

John Gott from Colne said, “I have attended virtual discussions about Together Housing’s policies. I think it’s important to be involved as it is a chance to share your thoughts on Together Housing’s services and upcoming projects. It’s also a nice chance to meet new people and talk about our community.”

We would like to say thank you to our residents who’ve taken part in these activities over the past year. If you would like to find out more about our resident engagement opportunities, please contact us by email or by phone 0300 555 5560.

You can read the full Resident Engagement Round Up for 2020-2021 report here.

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