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All new build properties have a ‘defects period’ this usually starts from when the house is built, not from when you move in. This period can vary depending on the property, but usually lasts 12 months.

During this period the developer of the property is responsible for any defects.

A defect might be:

  • A door or window that doesn’t close properly
  • Leaks in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Hot water not working

There are some issues you may experience when you move into your new home that occur as normal and are not a defect, such as:

  • Small cracks, especially to staircases
  • Movement of bath sealant

These are not classed as a defect as they occur due to day-today use and the property settling. They are also mainly decorative and may be addressed at the end of the builders’ defect liability period. Though most movement cracks and sealant can be easily covered over when you decorate.

We can’t deal with defects that have been caused by:

  • General wear and tear e.g. damage done by accident or a pet. Please be aware that if a builder attends and it is determined the defect has been caused by accident or misuse you may be charged for any visit or repair.
  • New fittings being installed.
  • Issues with new appliances e.g. ovens and fridges. This needs to be addressed with the appliance manufacturer.
  • Alterations or additions made to your home. We advise against making any major additions or alterations to your home during the defect period.

To report a defect, please call our Customer Service Team on 0300 555 5560 and advisor will be able to report this for you and advise how long the response time will be. It is important that you do not report it to the site team as this may not be logged and picked up by the correct department.

You can find out more from our Home Owners frequently asked questions page here:

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