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Residents and visitors to communal buildings such as blocks of flats and housing with care and retirement living schemes are advised to follow the Government’s advice.

Keep at least 2 metres away from other people. Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Are communal areas such as community rooms in blocks of flats, communal lounges, restaurants and guest rooms in housing with care schemes still open?

No they are closed. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we have made the decision to close all community rooms, communal lounges, restaurants and similar facilities in our schemes.

Can we still hold social events in our building?

Social events must be cancelled. Residents are reminded that the Government’s advice is to stay in your own home and avoid social gatherings, including in small numbers with friends and relatives.

Are you doing additional cleaning?

Cleaning is being concentrated on high risk areas such as door handles, toilets and surfaces.

Are you providing hand sanitiser?

No, hand sanitiser is in very short supply and it’s not practical to provide it for residents and visitors. We are reminding everyone of the Government’s hygiene advice - wash hands with soap and warm water.

Will your staff continue to visit elderly residents in their homes?

They will only visit a resident’s home in an emergency and in line with Government guidance on social distancing.

To reduce the risk to residents, staff will make contact via the scheme intercom or by telephone rather than face-to-face visits.