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Repairs to my home

Repairs to my home

We are now carrying out a full repairs service.


Can I book a new routine repair now?

You can report a new repair online or over the phone. We are working hard to catch up on the backlog of repairs and new repair requests and we ask you to please be patient with us.

Can I report an emergency repair?

Yes. An emergency repair is where there is an immediate risk to life and/or a danger to property that requires making safe urgently. e.g. Burst water pipe / serious electrical fault / no heating and/or hot water.

Are you still doing Annual Gas Safety Checks and the Electrical Tests?

Yes, we are still legally required to do gas safety checks and electric tests until further notice where it is safe to do so.

We will contact each resident in advance to book an appointment.  If a resident or member of the household is self-isolating or has a health or vulnerability issue, we can be flexible about the appointment date.

Compliance safety checks in communal areas

We will continue to carry out compliance checks in all communal areas. It is vital that we are able to continue to carry out the following checks, where applicable, when they are due. These checks include:

  • Fire safety checks – testing communal fire safety systems (where applicable) various time frames.
  • Fire risk assessments – annual to all high rise blocks
  • Communal electrical safety - all wiring is tested at least once every 5 years and Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) to electrical appliances in communal areas every 2 years (where applicable).
  • Communal lifts – every six months.
  • Asbestos safety checks – these are carried out at least once every three years.
  • Water safety audits – every two years.

All representatives of the organisation, carrying out these essential safety checks will carry a form of ID with them and they should be allowed to carry out their work without their personal space being compromised. They will observe the social distancing rules at all times.