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We've done everything possible to make anything possible.

We have made every effort to make our website accessible and easy to use for everyone, whether or not you have any disabilities. Our website has been constructed to conform to W3C Web Design Accessibility Standards.

Maintaining an accessible website is an ongoing process and we are continually working to offer a user friendly experience. If you have any problems using this web site please contact us here.

Examples of Accessibility

Changing Language

Select Language

We have an option to translate the web site into the language of your choice by selecting it from the "Select Language" option in the menu bar below.

High Contrast


As well as making all graphic templates accessible, we have also included an high contrast version which is accessible by clicking the contrast button at the top of each page.

Changing Text Size

Text Size

You can increase or decrease the text size to change the look of the pages by using one of the above buttons provided in the menu bar below.

You can also change the text size in one of the following ways:

      • Internet Explorer - View > Text Size
      • Firefox - View > Text Size
      • Opera - Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)

Alternatively, scroll with the wheel of your mouse whilst holding down the control key.

Recite Me

In addition to the above features, we also offer the Recite Me tool through our website. 

Recite Me reads website content out loud using a natural and engaging voice to transform your online reading experience.

Recite me

If you have a visual impairment or other difficulties reading this site, you may find the Recite Me useful.

Recite Me will read aloud website content as you move your mouse over it, as well as a range of other functions which allow you to tailor our website to you.

Using Recite Me

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, Recite Me will provide the speech and reading support tools you might require for free.

Just click "Recite Me" on the grey accessibility bar at the bottom of your screen to launch Recite Me.

Once you have activated Recite Me, a toolbar will appear across the top of our website.



Recite playUsing the Play, Back and Forward button you can have the contents of our website read out to you. Use Back and Forward to rewind, or skip content.


Recite font sizeUsing the Blue Font Size setting buttons, you can increase, or decrease the size of the text on our website.


Recite LanguageUsing the Language button, you can change the language of our website, and for some, even get them read out to you.


Recite rulerRecite _toolbar 1-text -modeUsing the ruler, you can place an on screen ruler over our webpage, which will enable you to easier read the text. Text mode will allow you to remove all images and style from our website, leaving you with just the text.



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