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Overview of the complaints we receive and lessons learnt

Overview of the complaints we receive and lessons learnt

Here you can see information about how many complaints we receive, the types of complaints, and what we are doing to improve.

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Feedback from complaints has increased in recent years and there was some concern about how effective these were dealt with. Following a review that included feedback from our tenants and staff, we have now set up a ‘Resolution Team’. Our tenants suggested that they would like a more consistent approach to complaints and for someone to take more ‘ownership’ of their concerns. Having a dedicated team means that we are now able to have a much more ‘hands-on’ approach to managing complaints and dissatisfaction.

We have also introduced an option for our staff to record issues that are not complaints, but that through analysis could highlight areas of concern that may lead to policy change.

The Resolution Team now manage cases through stages 1 and 2 to ensure ownership, consistency and more customer-focussed solutions.

We encourage you to look at our website first as there is plenty of information here that might help you – including how complaints are managed.

From April to November we have logged 1,261 complaints, slightly down compared to the same time last year. Better recording and a clearer focus mean we are more confident that the issues we capture are more accurate than before.

In addition, the percentage we are dealing with at the point of first contact is now a record 97%. This compares with around 86% in the previous years.

Complaints Stage No. Of Complaints
Get It Sorted (GIS)/Blank 1,261
Stage 1 36
Stage 2 8
Ombudsman 11

Within these figures are the 105 enquiries from MP’s during the year. Only 10% of these were complaints requiring further investigation. Most MP complaints are queries around allocations and progress with repairs.

The majority of complaints relate to repairs 636 (50%), though there are complaints for most service areas including the service provided by the gas team (81) and Neighbourhoods (88).

The Resolution Team now manage all multi-service complaints where more than one service area is involved. These can be quite complex, but tenants get a single point of contact and are kept informed of progress.



You can view an archive of complaints performance by clicking here.


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